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This website has no association or affiliation with CEM ® Centre for Education & Monitoring ®, University of Cambridge. CEM ®. Cambridge Assessments & Cambridge University Press do not release past 11+ test papers, nor sell practice material, nor does it endorse any preparation material from any supplier.
Don't worry, 11-plus preparation material and 11+ practice papers are available from the shop, at low cost, on this site as well as links to free CEM 11+ material. There is even a 100% money-back 11+ course. Score the qualifying mark or your money back, we cannot be fairer that this!

The CEM 11+ test

Where can I obtain Mock Papers?

Low cost mock tests are available from the Shop on this site, to download.

Who owns CEM Centre?

The Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring ® (CEM ®) was sold by Durham University to Cambridge Assessments ® and Cambridge University Press ®, so is now part of Cambridge University.

Who is CEM’s main competitor?

There are two major suppliers of selective 11+ tests in England. One is CEM ® and the other is GL Assessment ®.

How are CEM tests designed and developed?

Tests are developed according to requirements from consortia or individual schools and can include English/comprehension, Verbal Reasoning (synonyms, antonyms, cloze passages, jumbled sentences and odd word out), Maths/Data-Processing and Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR). Some tests include all 3 three components, whilst others do not. Questions are obtained from a databank and can be reused in other regions and in different years. Questions are repeated.

What is the format of CEM 11+ tests?

Tests are either paper based and computer based tests, however the majority of tests are paper based in which children are provided with a booklet of questions in multiple-choice format and a separate answer-sheet to mark answers using a pencil which is computer marked. Instructions are read out from a CD. There tends to be two papers each of around 50-minutes duration which contain multiple individually timed short sections, each beginning with example questions. A paper may contain 4-6 individually timed short sections from different topics. Once a section has been completed, it cannot be returned to. Effectively, there are 4-6 short speed tests in each paper. Each paper is sat on the same day with a short 15-20 minute break between papers. Calculators and dictionaries cannot be used. There has been a slow move to computer-based testing, which tend to replicate the paper experience.

Test weighting and standardisation.

The components of the tests are weighted differently for different schools and consortia. Often the weighting is 50% English and Verbal Reasoning combined and 25% Maths and 25% NVR. In some areas the weighting is 1/3 in each category. Schools that share the same tests may provide each student with different standardised scores for different schools.

The raw scores are age-standardised to produce a single combined score, ensuring summer born children are not disadvantaged. This means children scoring the same raw scores end up with different standardised scores if they are born in different months. Winter born children have to score high raw marks than summer born children.

Is tuition required?

CEM do not encourage tuition and claim it is not required. They claim the tests are designed to identify innate ability, but there is no cogent evidence this is true. Preparation and tuition are effectively the same. Research shows the majority of students are extensively prepared for 11+ tests, especially tests from CEM. Preparation does not always have to involve tutors. Many books and online solutions are available. The English and Maths components cover Key Stage 2 (CEM claim to the end of year 5, but some questions types are not covered in many schools until year 6). NVR is not covered in Key Stage 2, hence preparation is helpful. Many areas provide free out-reach schemes for pupil premium qualified children, which is effectively free 11+ tuition.

Does CEM sell preparation and practice material?

CEM does not produce or endorse any commercially available practice papers, mock tests, preparation material, tuition, or coaching classes or schemes. It does produce and short free familiarisation material and there a couple of shorter sample tests produced for a limited number of schools (click to download).  Familiarisation booklets are provided by schools in order to provide an idea of the format, look and feel of tests. However, the actual format and questions types can change each year.

What are the main differences between CEM 11+ and GL Assessment (GLA) 11+ tests?

CEM tests comprise of short timed sections with different topics in each paper, usually all. GL papers are slightly longer and have 2 subjects per paper. CEM tests require less preparation and the verbal reasoning tests reply more on vocabulary, acquired by reading. GL Assessment verbal reasoning requires much more preparation as there are many types of questions, similar to the old 21 type questions, many of which do not rely upon via a strong vocabulary and may even include simple maths. The NVR also contain more spatial reasoning questions. GLA provide free practice papers.

11+ Exam Registration & 11+ Exam Entry

11+ Exams

There are numerous organisations that create entrance exams for secondary school admission. The main two players are CEM Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring® (CEM_, at the University of Cambridge® and GL Assessment (GLA)®.

CEM Centre and GLA

Both sets secondary school entrance assessments (widely referred to as selective entrance or 11+ exams) for various English grammar schools and regions, including Bexley; BirminghamBuckinghamshire; CCHS (Essex); Gloucestershire; Henrietta Barnett & LatymerReadingRedbridgeShropshire; Slough; WalsallWarwickshire; Wolverhampton; Trafford; Bexley; Torbay & DevonKent Shepway, and Medway .

GL Assessment
® (formally National Foundation for Educational Research®) is another supplier. Every year GL Assessment® constructs new, custom-made selection tests for many schools and Local Authorities. Although GL Assessment® is the copyright holder of the tests, it is the property of the commissioning school or Local Authority for the duration of use.

Both tests are easy to prepare for using WordBuilder.co.uk and CoolCleverKids.co.uk.

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Both tests are easy to prepare for using WordBuilder.co.uk and CoolCleverKids.co.uk.

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Score a qualifying score in a 11+ test from C.E.M or your money back.

Purchase Mock Exams from the Shop

Past eleven plus papers set by CEM Centre® Cambridge University are not released and cannot be purchased. Usually, two weeks before the test, applicants receive a sample sheet containing example questions.

The new tests from GL Assessment® are similar in to tests from the University of Durham®  as far as content is concerned. The move is towards a rich vocabulary, curriculum maths (old level 5 and 6, now a score of 105+) and NVR. The difficulty is tailored for GL 11+ (Grade Level 11+).
Children`s Educational Material for the 11+ has constructed seven practice mock exams. These mock test packs consists of two 50-60 minute papers as well as answers and are available from the shop.

These are NOT endorsed or associated with CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring® who do not provide preparation material. They are also suitable for the new GL Assessment® and ISEB selection tests.

Warwickshire and Birmingham Consortium

From 2016, Warwickshire shares Birmingham 11+ Consortium test, so 5000 Birmingham students and 2000 Warwickshire students can pass on content to late Warwickshire sitters. The shared test will now require students to mark answers on a separate answer sheet and no longer write answers in a booklet, increasing the chances of marking answers in the incorrect place as has occurred numerous times in other regions. If a test is shared, with other regions, always tick a box to share results with another areas as a backup plan. You have nothing to lose by doing so, and it could prove useful. You never know what may happen.

In 2013, the Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby unlawfully withdrew a place of a child days before the end of year 6 despite the local authority refusing to withdraw the place on four occasions. Luckily the child was offered a place at Schools in two different areas (Walsall and Birmingham) as opposed to be left unplaced because of serious failings of this school. Unfortunately, the child displaced other innocent children, through no fault of his own when he moved straight to the top of waiting lists and was offered places. Play safe and share results with other schools and areas even if you have no intention of taking up a place in other areas.


Free Mock Exams

Taking a "free mock" will cost the school money. But one would expect financially astute schools to consider the financial implications of setting an early test date. Common sense dictates an earlier test is likely to be used as a "free mock" and this has been well known to occur for many years.

We recommend all children, where possible, register for the Warwickshire 11+ tests.

Mock tests are the best way to prepare. What better than using a real test as a mock? This is your legal right.

We believe there is no evidence that any 11+ tests are resistant to prepping and practise will simply improve performance

Regional and National 11+ Exams

We believe the Warwickshire's three test dates compromises their 11+ as questions and content are leaked to late sitters and tuition centres are known to recreate questions, often for their weaker students. Out of area children can sit the tests very late with knowledge of content and move straight to the top of waiting lists. No party can discover the confidential contents of test papers prior to them being used for the first time. Once taken, children will and do discuss content amongst themselves and with parents and tutors, so information enters the public domain and the test is immediately compromised. Content is available on many sites including file sharing sites. This is why Year 6 Sats, GCSE and `A` level exams are not reused after the main testing date.

Where possible use the Warwickshire 11+ as a "free mock"

It seems a matter of time before a single national 11+ test will be held.


Non-verbal Reasoning

Prepare for different types of NVR questions  using


over 30 different types of NVR question examples
with explanations.

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CEM Centre for Evaluation
& Monitoring® CEM 11+ ® Tests
  • Two 50-minute multiple choice papers.
  • Instructions played from a CD.
  • Each paper has individually timed sections.
  • Each section covers a different area.
  • Answers marked in an answer sheet.
  • Mixture of multiple choice and marking a number on answer sheets
  • Same test is used for late sittings (late sitting is an advantage)
  • Questions are from a data bank and reused in different tests.
GL Assessment ® 11+ (NFER®) GL 11+ Selection Tests
  • Two 60-minute multiple choice papers.
  • Paper 1 covers English & Maths
  • Paper 2 covers Verbal and Non-verbal/Spatial Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning is diverse and includes maths
  • Answers are marked in an answer sheet
  • Same test is used for late sittings (late sitting is an advantage)
  • Questions are from a data bank and reused in different tests.
  • GL sell preparation material.
CEM 11+ Preparation Material Recommendations

English and Verbal Reasoning:

Maths &
Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR):


Year 5 Course with 100% money back

11+ Practice Papers are available from the shop.

Word lists, lesson notes and `Ultimate NVR` questions are available from the shop.

Books for CEM 11+ from SATsBooks.com

How to prepare for the 11+ test.

The most important things children can do includes reading a variety of books, magazines and websites; analysing what they have read and looking up unfamiliar words. They should practice maths and problem solving with a focus on learning to work out strategies for unfamiliar questions. A deep understanding of core maths coupled with undertaking calculations at speed is critical. As NVR is not taught in schools, it is useful to learn NVR concepts and practice a variety of question types.

Popular 11+ preparation material

Two popular online systems helpful for 11+ preparation are WordBuilder and CoolCleveKids. WordBuilder was designed especially for CEM 11+ tests and covers Comprehension, antonyms, synonyms, cloze passages, jumbled sentences, odd-word out plus many other activities. Click here for a demo.

CoolCleverKids covers 11+ and SATs maths/data-processing and NVR (it also includes KS2 spellings and science tests). There are lesson notes, links to videos, worksheets and tests, all marked online with explanations. Click here for a demo. Covering all the past maths SATs tests on this site is useful. For those who do not want to pay for a subscription, SATs papers can be downloaded free of charge from SATsPapers.org.uk (but they have to be printed and marked manually).

Word lists, booklets and mock papers are available from the shop on this site as well as a 100% money-back guarantee 11+ course.

Free mock tests

It is a good idea to take real 11+ tests in other areas if the test dates are before your test. This is a legal right and schools cannot refuse, so apply before deadlines. Many people sit the Warwickshire 11+ test as a free mock exam. Click here for 2021 entry test dates (held during September 2020)
11+ Exam Dates

Gloucestershire Consortium; London Borough of Redbridge; Reading & Slough Consortium;
Chelmsford County High School (CCHS); Heckmondwike School
and the Trafford Consortium

2023 Entry (CEM test)
Test Date: Saturday 10th September, 2022
Monday 12th September, 2022
and Monday 19th September, 2022

SATURDAY 10th September 2022
Gloucestershire 11+         
High School for Girls; Marling School; Pate`s Grammar School; Ribston Hall High School; Stroud High School; The Crypt School
Register 1st June 2022 - noon 30th June 2022. Results: 12 October 2022.
Slough Consortium 11+
Herschel Grammar School; Langley Grammar School; St Bernard`s Convent School, and Upton Court Grammar School
Reading Consortium 11+
Kendrick School and Reading School
London Borough of Redbridge 11+
Ilford County High School; Woodford County High School
Other Individual Schools
Chelsmford County High  School for Girls   (CCHS)

Compromised test - questions known from above)
Test Date 12th September, 2022

BHP Consortium

Heckmondwike Grammar School, Backup & Rawtenstall Grammar & Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith
Trafford Consortium 
Altrinham Grammar School, Sale Grammar School, Stetford Grammar School & Urmston Grammar School

  Always tick the box to share results with all regions

2023 Entry (GLA Test)

Dame Alice Owen's School
Thursday 1st September 2022 TBC
(Verbal Reasoning only)


South West Herts 11+ Consortium  (SWHC)
Saturday 3rd September, 2022

South West Herts Consortium Schools
GL Assessment Test

Bushey Meads School

Parmiter`s School

Queen School

Rickmansworth School

St Clement`s Dane`s School

Watford Grammar School for Boys

Watford Grammar School for Girls.

Kent Grammar Schools Shepway Test  2023 Entry

(CEM Select
computer based test)
and English written test

Register 9am Monday 30th May 2022
to 4pm Monday 4th July 2022

Test Date Saturday 10th September, 2020

Dover Grammar School

Folkstone Grammar School 

Harvey Grammar School

Mayfield Grammar School

Results 7th October 2022

Note many Kent schools use tests from GL Assessment ®

Birmingham Consortium 11+  &
Warwickshire Consortium 11+

2023 Entry GLA Assessment Tests will be used (not C.E.M.)

Test Date: Saturday 10th Sept, 2022.  Supplementary Date: Sun 11th Sept 2022
 (for Jewish & Seven Heavens faiths who object to Saturday testing and those unable to sit on the first date).

Additional Dates for Warwickshire: Monday 20th and Tuesday 20th Sept, 2022, 
and week commencing 2 Jan 2023 and 1st March 2023

Grammar Schools In Birmingham

Bishop Vesey`s Grammar School;  Handsworth Grammar School; King Edward VI Aston School; King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School; King Edward VI Camp Hill Girl`s School; King Edward VI Five Ways School;  King Edward VI Handsworth School and Sutton Coldfield Girl`s School    
Warwickshire Grammar Schools

Alcester Grammar School ; King Edward VI Camp Grammar School; Stratford-Upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls; Lawrence Sheriff School; Rugby High School; Ashlawn Selective School (bilateral school) *

* Has a separate Modern Foreign Language Test. MFL test is not an 11+ test, but a route in to the grammar stream.

Registration: 3rd May 2022 to 24th June 2022 (noon)
Results: 10th October, 2022
Always tick the box to share results with both regions.

London Borough of Bexley 11+

2023 Entry (CEM test)

Test Date: Tuesday 13th September, 2022 morning &
afternoon for non-Bexley primary school children

Wednesday, 14th September, 2022 morning for Bexley primary school children

Registration Dates: 3rd May 2022 to 8th July 2022

Beths Grammar School

Bexley Grammar School

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Townley Grammar School

Buckinghamshire Transfer Test (Bucks 11+)

2023 Entry  is a GL Assessment Test

Registration: 3pm, 3rd May 2022 to 3pm,
23rd June 2022
(for children outside Bucks only).
 Bucks children do not need to register)

Preparation Test: Tuesday 6th September, 2022

Transfer Test Date: 8th September, 2022

Results: Wednesday 14th October, 2022

Aylesbury Grammar School; Aylesbury High School; Beconsfield High School; Burham Grammar School; Dr Challoner`s Grammar School; Dr Challoner`s High School; Chesham Grammar School ; John Hampden Grammar School; Royal Grammar School; Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School;
Sir William Borlase`s Grammar; The Royal Latin School & Wycombe High School

Bucks have now moved back to

GL Assessment tests

Ashlawn Selective (Warwickshire)

Aptitude Test for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

*** NOT an 11+ selective test ***

2023 Entry

A back door route as children are taught alongside the selective stream.
High KS2 SATs scores are also a backdoor route in to the selective stream.

Note: once you are in the grammar stream, you can be removed from the stream in some subjects so there is no guarantee of a grammar school education. Some people do not consider this bilateral school providing a "real" grammar school education for this reason.

Candidates can also take the Warwickshire 11+

Saturday 17th Sept, 2022

Registe:  6th June 2022 to 10th July 2022

No free mocks for the MFL test

But, take the Warwickshire 11+ on 10th September, 2022

Shropshire, Walsall & Wolverhampton 11+ Consortium

Torbay & Devon 11+ Consortium

Bishop Wordsworth's School (Wiltshire)

2023 Entry (CEM test)

Bishop Wordsworth's School (Wiltshire): Saturday 10 September 2022

Shropshire, Walsall & Wolverhampton Consortium: Monday 12 September 2022
Adams Grammar School; Newport Girls' High School;
Queen Mary's Grammar; School Queen Marys High School,
Wolverhampton Girls' High School

Torbay & Devon 11+ Consortium: Saturday 17 September 2022

Churston Ferrers Grammar; Torquay Boys' Grammar; Torquay Girls' Grammar,
and Colyton Grammar School

Always tick the box to share results with both regions.

Medway 11+ CEM Consortium

Mathematics & Verbal Reasoning
(NVR is not tested)

2023 Entry (CEM test)

Holcombe Grammar School for Boys; Chatham Grammar School for Girls; Fort Pitt Grammar School (for Girls); Rainham Mark Grammar School (Gillingham - Mixed); Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School (Rochester, Boys); The Howard School (Rainham, Boys); The Rochester Grammar School (Girls)

Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th and Saturday 17th, September 2022

11+ Maths and NVR

Cool Clever Kids CCK CEM 11+ The Maths site with NVR (Non-verbal reasoning) for Sats and 11+ preparation. Ideal for primary school education and selective school exams. Maths lesson notes; worksheets; presentations; games, & tests auto marked with explanations.

11+ English & VR

WordBuilder WB CEM 11+Verbal reasoning and English for the 11+, Sats and private/independent school entrance exams as well as primary school. Spellings; definitions; meanings; synonyms; antonyms; cloze passages; jumbled sentences & comprehension.

Sats Papers
Year 2-6 & 11+
SATs Papers

Information relating to Sats Tests. Free downloads of Sats papers covering Year 2 to 6 with no registration. Prepare for Year 6 level 3-5, level 6 & 11+ tests. Download the latest phonics tests.
ATA React
Free Android App
Google Play
Alpha-Tek Associates CEM 11+

Fun FREE Android App to test your thinking and reaction speed. Four fun games: colours; shapes; numbers and next letter. Stores score history. Ideal for Sats & 11+ fun whilst you prepare. Download from Google Play.


Download FREE SATs papers. No registration & no annoying popup adverts.
11+ English (Verbal Reasoning)
online preparation with

Spellings; Vocabulary; Synonyms; Antomyms; Conundrums; Cloze Passages; Comprehension, and Jumbled up sentences. Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.
11+ Maths (Numerical Reasoning)
and NVR online preparation with

Free maths question generator
Lesson notes; presentations (videos); worksheets; games; Sats style tests from Year 2 to 6 including mental maths audio tests; private school 11+ tests, and CEM style past questions.
Now includes Non-verbal Reasoning.
Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.

The 11+ information site
Helping children pass the 11+
Free advice and resources with
recommendations for preparation.

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